Production Techniques

Multi Purpose Compounding Machine


BOKSÖR 120 İs continuous mixing and kneading machine for multi-purpose compounding applications. The machine has counter rotating tıuin screw design for effective mixing also has cascade structure for good degassing. First section is melting, mixing and homogenizing section and second section is transfer and cutting of molten and mixed compound as pellet form. Screw shape of melting/mixing section has different elements for effective melting of polymer and mixing filler in the polymer. İt is used only one side feeder for filled polymer applications.


  • Single feeding
  • Simple Operation
  • Easy adaptability to different formulations
  • Effective removal of volatiles with 150-200 mbar vacuum
  • Easy and quick cleaning
  • Compact design
  • Minumum installing time

The constant high quality is obtained by the automatic dosing system.

Production Scale   

  • HFFR Cable Compound Applications
  • Soft PVC
  • Rigid PVC
  • Filled PE (polypropylene) Compound
  • Other All Compounds


  • HFFR: 1200 kg/saat
  • Filled PP: 2000 kg/saat
  • Filled PE: 2500 kg/saat
  • Soft PVC: 2500 kg/saat
  • Rigid PVC: 2000 kg/saat